October 2012

Vince Hustad won a University of Illinois Graduate College Dissertation Travel Grant for $5000 to collect specimens in New Zealand – Congratulations Vince!

Steve Zelski won runner-up for best post-prelim poster at the annual Plant Biology Fall Welcome event on September 22, 2012 held at the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The poster entitled “Species Richness and Distribution Patterns of Freshwater Ascomycetes Along An Altitudinal Gradient in the Peruvian Andes” was co-authored by Carol A. Shearer, Huzefa A. Raja, and Andrew N. Miller, and highlighted recent research conducted in the Amazon and the Andes.

Tiffany Bone will join the Miller Lab as the Herbarium Assistant on October 1.  She will be digitizing 100,000 specimens of lichens, bryophytes and macrofungi as part of the LBCCand MaCC TCNs through the NSF ADBC program.